ASTRE - Antistatic Coating Controller

                                                                       ASTRE C1

                                ASTRE R1

Fast, Reliable Resistance & Conductivity Testing

ASTRE devices perform quick and precise testing of electrical resistance/conductivity for controlling of antistatic coating. They can operate effectively on any composite materials and even through finished coats of paint to determine antistatic quality. These devices are highly suitable for industrial applications where coating behaviour and properties are essential, such as in the industries of MRO, Aeronautics, Transport, Space, Energy, etc.

ASTRE comes in one of two forms - ASTRE C1 for Conductivity Test and ASTRE R1 for Resistivity Test. Both are highly portable and battery-operated. Measurements are performed simply with a contact-operated probe and a grounding cable for conductivity testing. Measurements can be performed on composite materials with finished paints of up to 1mm thickness. ASTRE also utilises an auto-range function that tests over a range of 1kΩ-200MΩ without loss of accuracy . Results & Operational status (Temperature, charge) are displayed on a bright OLED screen and three LED screens (green, yellow and red) corresponding to a pre-defined measure range allow quick go/no go operator decisions.


  • Light and Ergonomic
  • Highly Autonomous & Battery powered with 4 hours minimum charge
  • Broad Measurement Range (see below for details)
  • Auto-Range for Easy use & efficiency
  • Automatic Data Recording & Storage (up to 999 measures)
  • Time Stamp Measurement
  • Shock Resistant design
  • EC compliant
  • ESD protected
  • Optional Data display and processing software available

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ASTRE R1 performs surface resistance measurement and displays the result as follows:

Range 1: 0Ω-800kΩ on 2 to 3 digits
               < 20 KΩ
               20 to 99 KΩ
               100 to 800 KΩ

Range 2: 500kΩ-40MΩ on 4 digits
               0.500 MΩ to 9.999 MΩ
               10.00MΩ to 40.00 MΩ

Range 3: 5MΩ-200MΩ on 4 digits
               5.000 MΩ to 9.999 MΩ
               10.00MΩ to 99.99 MΩ
               100.0MΩ to 200.0 MΩ
               > 200.0MΩ display DIELECTRIC


ASTRE C1 performs measurement of electrical continuity and returns the result by means of three LEDs according to the detected threshold:

LED green: R < 100 kΩ

LED yellow: 100kΩ < R < 200MΩ

LED red: R > 200MΩ