Nexeya is an industrial group that operates mainly in the Defence, Aeronautics, Space and Transportation sectors. On behalf of Nexeya, TRI UK supplies functional test equipment in regards to cable/harness testing, wiring analysis & reflectometry, Telemetry & Test benches and Paint continuity with a range especially suited for these market sectors listed (including reinforced and ruggedised systems).

Nexeya's Approach is outlined in their own words as follows:

Our mission

Our customers design and manufacture extremely complex systems and equipment, such as airplanes, boats, trains, satellites, etc.

We create solutions that allow them to make their products more reliable, more competitive and more sustainable.
And while the knowledge and expertise we bring are of a highly technical nature, their impact can be felt in the everyday lives of the vast majority of our fellow citizens. For example, we contribute in a very concrete way to the safety of air and land transportation, the production of electricity, and the reliability and performance of satellite communications.

Our ambition is equal to the potential of our markets. Our aim is to be recognized on the international scene as a leading partner in critical electronic systems, and thus to:

  • Attract a growing number of talented employees, who will design increasingly innovative solutions;
  • Be systematically consulted in tender processes and project initiation;
  • Achieve sales of € 200 million over the next three years, with a high proportion coming from foreign markets.

Our vision

Our customers are global industry leaders operating in areas where technology and security are key issues, including the Defense, Aeronautics, Space and Energy sectors.

Our customers face three major challenges that can be difficult to reconcile:

  • The increasing complexity of the technologies they implement;
  • The race for competitiveness;
  • The increasingly shorter life cycles of technologies, despite the fact that their products must operate over very long periods.

The market leaders of tomorrow will be those who can best resolve these three issues.
And that is what we help our customers do, thanks to our expertise and the solutions we offer.

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