System Design, Validation and Simulation


Designed for system, platform and vehicle OEMs (including aircraft, train/rail, marine/ship and other complex system and asset manufacturers, SYSTEAM allows for the design, validation and real-time simulation of complex systems and equipment.

Combining software (data generation/acquisition and real-time simulation) and hardware (a system integration bench), SYSTEAM executes various scenarios to validate, during the development phase, all of an asset's components, subsystems and systems.  Endless scenarios can be developed, inputted and 'played' to test any combination of products and actions (and reactions) on and of the platform.

Modular and ergonomic, SYSTEAM has proved to be a very effective tool in not only the develop, test and validation of a platform but also in the certification process.

Simple to use, SYSTEAM can be operated and utilised by various staff and does not require experience in specific test engineering.  Nexeya's one week training course provides sufficient detail to be familiar and competent with Systeams features and functions.

Organisations currently utilising the SYSTEAM product include ALSTOM, CASCO, Safran and Zodiac ECE. Airbus also incorporates the technology, with more than 80 system integration benches utilized on the SA/LR,  A380, A400M, A350, A320 Neo, A330 Neo.

Telemetry - Measurement - Simulation

Nexeya's MAGALI software suite has been developed for test engineers. This software was built and developed in close partnership with test centre teams.

MAGALI  controls acquisition,  generation  and  data  analysis from  different  sources:  acquisition  of  physical signals, digital buses, telemetry... in real-time, post-processing and replay modes.

MAGALI is an intuitive, complete and easy to use tool. It is not only the core of single-source acquisition systems for data recording and analysis, but also forms the basis for multi-source systems. The scalability of its network architecture makes it possible to build technologically advanced systems.

KALLISTÉ data acquisition software covers all the needs for data acquisition, test bench supervision, telemetry, after-flight data extraction , after-test data analysis and test reports...etc. For Telemetry and after flight data extraction, KALLISTÉ is tightly linked to MAGALI software and interfaces.

Some key features include:

  • Complete programming environment with integrated editor, symbolic debugger and runtime engine
  • Designed for maximum portability across all mostly used operating systems, KALLISTÉ allows creation of auto-installable applications and includes development toolkit to widen object range
  • Functions beyond data aquisition - embedded objects for data analysis, data conversion and exchanges - software can be embedded for flight tests
  • Ability to create user interfaces independent from hardware


Nexeya's SACHA range offers analogue and digital data acquision in ruggedised format to perform even in the most extreme environments


  • Analog signal acquisition : voltage, strain gage, accelerometers, potentiometer, temperatures, with analog filters options
  • Digital bus acquisition for most popular ground or avionic busses : CAN, serial lines, MIL STD1553, ARINC, DIGIBUS, and a possibility to accommodate its internal FPGAs to any kind of specific bus you may need.
  • Storage options:
      • via a local SSD device

      • simultaneously broadcast measurements via an Ethernet or a PCM link.

  • SACHA may also be used as a recorder for external devices such as our video encoders or other 3rd party devices.
  • SACHA can be operated as a stand alone unit under it's own battery power supply or connected to an external power source.

The SACHA product line is designed to work with LISA (wireless) Data Acquisition.


A modular, flexible, easy to install and simple to use wireless data acquisition system, LISA can be utilised with an existing test system or run independently as a stand-alone configuration.


  • Analogue parameter acquisition

  • Independent data logger or component of a data logging system

  • 8 isochronous channels (6 general,   2 PT100)

  • Up to 8 acquisition modules (total of 64 channels) in each unit

  • Synchronized in multiple radio link formation

  • Storage on local SD card or transmitted to a central recorder

  • Data time Stamp via external IRIG B signal

  • In-Flight, At-Sea, Over-Land applications

  • In remote or on moving pieces of equipment (helicopter rotors)

  • Configure via switches or through software

  • Commence logging via MACQ switch or a centralized hand held remote control module

  • Full library and set of tools for real time data acquisiton and on/off line processing

  • Log voltage, strain, accelerometers, PT100 ...

  • Provides sensor excitation

  • Max sampling 5 K per channel per second (PT100 1KB/s)