WiDD - Wiring Defect Detection


High-Reliability Intermittent Defect Detection - Suitable for MRO & In-Service Environments

With the patented WiDD solution (Wiring Defect Detection), diagnosis and repair of simple breakdowns and more complex failures become quick and easy, getting equipment back in service and minimising operation loss. Using WiDD, it is possible to halve wiring test, inspection and repair times.

Automatic archiving of measurements relative to an original value allows for the lives of cables or electrical harnesses to be monitored and for the detection of latent faults with a view to performing preventive maintenance.

Resulting from NEXEYA’s signal processing expertise, the integrated reflectometer is capable of making more than a thousand measurements per second and scanning up to 512 points on a 100m cable harness in less than 1ms. The result of this operation allows for locating faults with up to 1% precision in relation to the tested cable.


The Device of choice for AIRBUS


In 2016, Airbus, in collaboration with Nexeya, adopted the WiDD 200 solution in development of its SWITS (Smart Wiring Troubleshooting) tool for reliable testing of Flight controls & electrical systems on aircraft models A320, A330 & A340. Please click the link below to access the full article with the case study. 

  • Short-circuit detection
  • Open Circuit
  • Grounding
  • Connector Problem
  • Improper Equipment connection (if Equipment is connected)
  • Insulation Problem
  • Wire outside harness or bad repair
  • Radius of curvature problem
  • Harness movement etc
  • WiDD's reflectometer can accurately pinpoint fault location in the wiring circuit

Transport : Rail, Aerospace, Ships/Boats

Military: Armoured Terrestrial Vehicles, Naval Vessels, Helicopters

Installation and Base Maintenance: Airports, MRO, Comms Centres

Space : Pre-launch satellite harness integrity test; Launch platforms

Research : Large scientific research equipment


Combining the standard LCR measurement and reflectometry, it is possible to detect any defect in the cable or connector appearing upon preparation of the harness or its installation within the equipment. By storing the measurement data, this acts as an ID for the cable and installation for monitoring operations and future maintenance.


Thanks to the reflectometer, WiDD detects defects invisible to the naked eye or a traditional cable tester by comparing measured parameters with reference values; any deviation is immediately detected and located. Directly connected to the actual equipment or to loads, WiDD can test 512 points in 1ms. WiDD also allows for harness age analysis and for the detection of any degradation that could cause a fault or major safety issue on the equipment.


Using the multipoint function of the reflectometer, which can test up to 1024 points, WiDD can:

  • Locate defects by testing the harnesses and comparing measurements made with reference measurements.
  • Locate and resolve intermittent faults, even small ones such as crimping faults, by sending an electrical wave giving a precise measurement of the defective area.
  • Reduce breakdown search times to a few minutes.

Connected to a PC or tablet using a Wi-Fi connection, the user-friendly GUI is used to configure and run test scripts, display defects and save results for traceability and report publication.


WiDD is provided in:

  • rack form, for placement in a measurement array or 19” rack
  • an easily transportable wheeled case form

Multiple options:

  • Lithium battery (including supervision) certified for air transportation (2.5kg) and controlled via the Internet for fully wireless operation
  • Control using a tablet or telephone for single user operation
  • Secure Wi-Fi function