Nexeya's MPT Wiring Analyzer and software tools create a powerful combination of programmable sources, measurement range/accuracy, ultra-fast test cycle times and a highly flexible test development environment.

MPT2 builds on these features by offering enhanced open-architecture software, improved test speeds, virtually unlimited options for integration and expansion, and a complete suite of operator guidance tools to make testing even easier and more automated than ever before

Key Features

  • 'Connect anywhere' adaptor connection tools
  • Automatic 'product learning' tools to integrate test device format
  • System integration with Execution Management Systems
  • Modular, open-architecture software presents easy-to-use operator interface paired with flexible programming environment for custom design. Accessible via TCP/IP across a range of devices
  • Offers up to 2500 VAC, 1800 VAC, and a variety of switching cards ranging from 120 to 288 test points each
  • High-Speed testing with 'Mass Hipot' and 'Mass Isolation' functions
  • Intelligent Analysis tools


Based on the robust and reliable Horizon platform, the EZX series of benchtop analyzers are Nexeya’s response to customers seeking an economical yet powerful and expandable solution for their cable and wire harness test requirements.
Offering up to 1500VDC and 1000VAC, the EZX provides the measurement and high voltage capabilities required by cable and wire harness manufacturers to validate the connectivity and dielectric withstand of their finished products.
With one of the smallest footprints in the industry, the EZX is ideal for 128 test point applications but is expandable to 1024 test points in 128 test point increments.
Whether networked, integrated or used as a standalone tester, the EZX provides virtually unlimited data storage and reporting capability.

Key Features

  • Embedded Windows-based user environment
  • Colour touch-screen user interface
  • Built-in PC with flash drive and network capability
  • Built-in test “START” and “STOP” buttons
  • High-Speed testing with 'Mass Hipot' and 'Mass Isolation' functions
  • Bar code capability for loading test programs
  • Real-time Temperature and Humidity monitoring
  • Auto-start test when product is loaded
  • Testing of resistors, capacitors, diodes, switches and LEDs