TR7600XLL SII CT is the high-speed, high-performance 3D AXI solution for the largest server, networking and power PCBs. TRI's unique shadow-free technology allows inspection of multi-layer boards with 2/3 layer PoPs, μBGAs, QFNs and Press-fit connectors. Smart programming assistants and multi-resolution programs help maximise production yields on any production line. True 3D solder joint review is achieved by TRI's CT planar technology to ensure maximum inspection accuracy.

Main Features

  • Very Large board edge to edge inspection of up to 1000mm x 660mm
  • Automatic 2D + 3D slice image extraction using Digital Tomosynthesis
  • X-Ray tube with adjustable output up to 130kV/300μA
  • Planar CT imaging for true 3D solder review
  • Multi-resolution programs and advanced processing for superior image quality
  • Automated programming saves hours of engineer workload


• X-ray source                            130 kV max (user adjustable)  
• Image resolution                     7 μm,10 μm,15 μm or 10 μm,15 μm, 20 (factory setting)  

• Inspection Functions       
         。 Component                     Missing, Misalignment, Tombstone, Billboard, Tantalum Polarity & Skew   
         。 Solder Joint                    Insufficient/Excess Solder, Short, Open, Solder Ball, Non-wetting, Void & Lifted Lead  

• Pre & Post reflow integration          Yield Management System Integration 4.0, YMS Lite  

• Board size     
             。PCB Size                       50 x 50 – 1000 x 660 mm       
             。PCB Thickness             0.6 – 7 mm         
             。PCB Max Weight         12 kg [15 kg optional]        

• Board clearance         
                    20 µm                      50 mm (1.97 in.)          
                    15 µm                      30 mm (1.18 in.)          
                    10 µm                      15 mm (0.59 in.)          
                    7 μm                        7 mm (0.28 in.)         
             。Bottom                     70 mm [85 mm optional]         
             。Edge                           3 mm [5 mm optional]